A big fan of yours


Scott Adamson helped us find a beautiful extended cape, and then to evaluate how well it met our actual needs, and then to negotiate a great price and finally to close on it with no hassles. Because he was so responsive to our questions, and so knowledgeable of the process, we could call him anytime and get a reliable, often insightful, answers right away. He is connected to great network of professionals of every kind and generous with his time. His own easy comfort with the whole process convinced us that he should help sell our condo as well, and he came through big time. Terrific guy to work with, to help buyers gain valuable insights into buyer and seller psychology, and to keep the whole process in perspective and make it fun with a charming sense of humor. Scott Adamson is always upbeat and positive for a good reason: He is as good as it gets in the real estate business. We recommend him without reservation