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Quick bathroom fix-ups on a budget


Not everyone can have a bathroom that looks like this….!

So, If you think your bathroom needs some major renovations, but you aren’t sure you can foot the bill for a full bathroom makeover, there’s good news. While a complete bathroom overhaul can be one of the most expensive projects in your home, little changes can make a big difference.

Read on for tips on how to give your bathroom a boost without taking out a large loan or losing the use of your bathroom.

Add Storage To Your Shower

Doing something as simple as adding shelving to your shower can make it stylish. There are many different inexpensive, easy to install corner shelves for the tub that not only add storage to the bath but make everything look neater and more attractive too. Some shelving even connects with the twist of a rod- no drilling required!

Add Some Art

Those souvenirs that you bring back from vacation don’t need to go to waste. Use them as art for your wall. You can use frames or shadow boxes to display some of your favorite memories from vacations past. Even fun pieces of art that you love can be a grand addition to any bathroom. Make the loo a peaceful little getaway!


Change Up Your Shower Curtain

This sounds so simple but can make one of the biggest impacts on your bathroom. Your shower curtain brings a dramatic effect to your room because it is a focal point. IF you happen to have a glass door, make sure the glass is clean. There are many great products in the market to do this

Put In Some Storage

Your bathroom can become more functional if you add some storage to the room. If the bathroom appears less cluttered, you’ll have more room to store things and feel better about the room. Shelving is such an easy thing to put up and it adds a lot to a room. Shelves can even make the room look bigger! It’s simple to store things that you want to keep out of the way but need in reach.

Paint…nothing like it!

There’s nothing that brightens up a room quite like paint. It’s the first thing that any interior decorating expert will tell a homeowner looking to bring a new vibe to their home. You don’t even have to paint every wall in the bathroom. Just an accent wall will do wonders. There are also paints that are made for high humidity areas such as bathrooms. Sherwin Williams is a great go-to paint

Add Plants

Nothing brings great feeling to a room like greenery. Plants bring oxygen to a room and make you feel happier when you’re in that space. Science has even proven it! There’s probably no more appropriate place in a home for plants than the bathroom. The moisture and warm environment is a favorable growing condition for many varieties. Don’t overdo it. Make sure the plans are appropriately sized and you don’t need to walk around them.


I hope you found this info helpful!

This information was provided by Scott Adamson. Scott can be reached at Or by phone direct at 978-314-9009
If you are thinking about selling or buying a home, Scott has been a Realtor for 30+ years and has helped many people move through- out the Metro-West Massachusetts area.


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